Visualise: Learn to motivate your teams by connecting them with purpose by Stephen Morris

Visualise: Learn to motivate your teams by connecting them with purpose

Connecting people to purpose is proven to be a core motivator for individuals and teams, but how do you actually achieve that connection?

Visualise is a targeted course to help you answer that question and truly get your teams connected.

Have you always wanted to...

>> better motivate your teams in the work they're doing?
>> help your teams become more autonomous and self-organising?
>> enable your teams to make better decisions?
>> improve collaboration and help different teams work together?
>> understand why some people just don't seem to hear the messages you share?
>> help your teams to understand their impact their work has?
>> improve your chances of groups hearing what you're saying?
>> find a way to connect your vision or aim to the short-term, day-to-day?

....then this is the course for you!

Learn more about this course

Watch this short video from Stephen, your course host, where he explains more about why purpose is important and talks about the content we'll be looking at.

What will I learn?

There are 5 core sections in the course, and these are:

  1. The Importance of Purpose | Understand and experience how a clear purpose can lead to innovation and aligned activities from teams.
  2. Visualising Purpose | Learn why some people might not be connecting with your purpose, and what you can do to engage them.
  3. Persona and Authenticity | Find out how connecting people to purpose is influenced by how you show up.
  4. Tools and Events | Gain ideas and techniques to help find the people you need to engage and build some strategies to do so.
  5. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) | An introduction to the tool that Google, Intel and many others use to alien their organisations and connect Vision to day-to-day work.

What do I get when I sign up?

Video Tutorials

22 video tutorials and over an hour of expert tuition that takes you through the concepts of connecting people to purpose and supports your learning.

Exercises and Tools

8 unique exercises and 3 further tools to help you plan your actions.  All available in PDF format that you can download, keep and reuse in the future.

Certificate of Completion

A high-resolution and printable certificate to confirm your completion of the course.

14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Not completely satisfied with the course?  We'll honour a 14-day satisfaction guarantee

What do people think about the Open Leader Method™ Visualise course?

You've changed how I think about communication with my teams, and people are noticing.  Thanks!
JF - Delivery Director
I really loved the values exercise - much deeper than ones I've done before, and see why it's so important now too.
DE - Engineering Manager
Thought provoking.  Led to me realising that I need to engage more on linking our vision and purpose to our daily tasks.
TV - Head of Client Success
Insightful exercises that provoked self-reflection 
AH - Services Portfolio Manager
I’m now much more focused.  Recommended! 
DG – Vice President, Operations

About Stephen Morris

I'm Stephen, Founder of Open Square.  I develop open leaders who create teams that rock!

After a career leading in cloud computing and complex, high-scale tech orgs, I'm convinced that success in teams is influenced most by the environment that leaders create.

Get it right and teams will amaze you
Get it right and Customers will love you
Get it right and your teams will rock!

Let’s work together and  make trust, autonomy and openness the default style of leadership in IT.


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